Lorya Megadungeon Pt 2. - Theming

Introduction Follow up from Pt. 1: Before fleshing out individual dungeons I thought it would be important to give each district unifying themes that would inform the direction of future design. I've written out a short description of each area boss and paragraph of what the area they control looks like and how it affects the city. Some areas could have more interesting hooks but I'll leave that to when I actually flesh them out. The megadungeon of Lorya is divided into six districts, each with a different theme. Each is ruled by a Sovereign, 6 powerful members of the King's court. They were the ones who sealed King Weyland in his Throneroom after 7 forgotten heroes prevented his apotheosis, splitting the Keys to the Castle between them so no singular member would be able to seize the latent power that resides in the Throne. All have grown mad in the aftermath, the City of Lorya stagnates

Lorya Megadungeon Pt 1. - The Naming of Things

The city of Lorya is my pet megadungeon project that's been sitting in my brain for a while now. May as well start getting it onto paper. Well, digital paper. Once the shining capital of the Ostravia kingdom, the city of Lorya was consumed overnight in a mysterious gray fog. It's former residents now known as the Forlorn, pale reflections of their former selves that wander the streets.  In the centre of the city, a giant angel-like figure standing guard on the spires of Castle of Ostravia shoots down all that it sees. Beneath it, a giant golem pummels those who dare approach the castle gates into a submissive paste. The city dungeon was inspired by the this design of a prison, known as the Panopticon, where a central guard tower would have an uninhibited view of all the separate cells. The strange design of the city is due to the fact that it did not originate organically. The Good King Weyland simply decided to build a capital city somewhere that would befit his rule, as well

Blight King Weyland

The Kingdom of Ostravia mourns the passing of Weyland, yet he is responsible for the spreading of the fog that wastes their lands. In youth, Weyland was a noble and valorant king, upholding law within his lands. Yet, in his old age, his fear of death grew stronger and he feared his accomplishments would turn to dust after his demise. With his vizier whispering in his ear, he would attempt the unthinkable to extend his own life. Under the guise of a celebration for the 50th Year of Weyland’s Rule, he would offer up the souls of the powerful to a nameless demon of old, known only as the Old One, to grant him the powers in undeath to conquer the continent. His generals, allies and friends gathered within the city, unwitting sacrifices to a forgotten God. As the process of the soul-draining began, a group of seven heroes felt the source of their imminent death and stormed the Castle of Ostravia. Cutting through the palace guards, they were able to breach the Throne Room and their last minu

Thrummer Sandships

The Golden Sea has grains of sand so fine that it behaves as if a liquid. Thrummer sandships propel themselves across the ocean of sand by using the power of wind. A windmill on the ship is used to drive a series of hammers to strike thrumming stones embedded into the sides of the ship. Once struck, the thrumming stones emanate a shockwave into the sand and the oscillatory activation of the thrumming stones down the length of the ship drives it through the sand. The spinner ships produce a characteristic triplet rhythm as they travel. More expensive models use the bound spirit of an Earth elemental to coil a spring far more tightly than possible through mundane means and use the tension in the spring to drive the hammers.   The removal of the reliance on wind power makes for a faster ship, and the ability to increase speed at the cost of tension on the spring. The thumping sound of thrumming stones attracts the attention of purple worms, so spinner ships arm themselves with harpoon

A Seeker’s Guide to Travelling the Twilight Forest. Pt 1.

Foreword A guide to a dangerous ritual. Perhaps not gameable, but written as a creative exercise. Maybe there'll be a Pt 2. when I get round to it. Inspirations : Pale - a web serial, go read it. Gardens of Ynn. Introduction It is important to remember that before travelling through the Twilight Forest that it is a method of last resort and only to be used in events of dire need. The ritual may grant you one of several boons and allow you to travel acrost vast distances between places and planes, but always exacts a heavy personal cost to the seeker. Weigh the benefits and risks before proceeding with the ritual. Even if a Seeker travels through the Twilight Forest relatively unscathed, the experience of being a prey animal fleeing from a relentless predator is harrowing and often requires time to recover from. It is a common tale that a Seeker uses the Twilight Forest to travel for emergency purposes only to arrive too shaken and agitated to deal with the task they travelled

1d6 Merchants you meet in a Necropolis

Foreword In the Dead City of Lorya, there is still trade and merchants even as the city dies around them. Not every shadow that lurks round the corner is a werewolf. Some are though. 1. Blood Rat Trading Post - These trading posts are marked with signposts for those who know where to look, but to the untrained eye appear as a simple shadow covered nook in the wall. The trading posts lead to a complex network of tunnels inhabited by the Blood Rats, with the entrance too small for any humanoid to enter. Gaze inside and a multitude of rodent eyes will stare back. To offer a trade, place an item at the mouth of the tunnel along with a few drops of blood to sweeten the deal. Turn the corner and wait. If the item is gone when you look back the trade is accepted. An item of roughly equivalent value will be waiting for you at the next trading post at your convenience.   2. The Jackal - A slender man with yellow animal eyes standing in a circle of salt. Asks politely for the party to

The Dead Saints of Lorya

Foreword Lorya has been swallowed by fog. Its residents slowly losing their Humanity and becoming Forlorn. In their despair they have found a cycle of 7 Saints that govern death. It is unknown whether the Saints bring a peaceful end or are using the worship as a front to collect more souls. These Saints were created as a challenge to myself to create a super edgy pantheon/setting. Are they cool? I dunno. I hope they're edgy tho. The Dead Saints of Lorya For the Forlorn death and the loss of their Humanity is inevitable, a fact reflected in the Saints they choose to worship. Each member of the Dead Saints is believed to govern a different facet of death, each willing to claim the lost souls of Lorya after their final dregs of Humanity are drained away and they are finally allowed to break free of the cycle. The origin of these Saints is unknown, and they are depicted as faceless and nameless, each known only by their symbology and titles. Despite this mystery, faith among the Forlo